CrossFit WOD, November 14, 2017


Coach’s Choice

8min mobility

5 Rounds for time of:
1000m Row
200m Dumbbell Farmer Carry, 45#
50m Dumbbell Waiter’s Walk, Right Arm, 45#
50m Dumbbell Waiter’s Walk, Left Arm, 45#
In honor of U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration Special Agent Michael E. Weston, 37, was killed on October 29, 2009

CrossFit WOD, November 13, 2017


9min EMOM:

30sec work
30sec rest

rotate between these movements:
– rowing
– bike
– kb swings

Sled Push Sprints (*ascending)
Complete a minimum of 5 sled push sprints, ascending in weight each sprint.

100m Sprint
Complete 5 100m sprints for time.

Your slowest time is your score.

CrossFit WOD, November 11, 2017


Musical Chairs
In the center of the room place 1 less wallball (chair) than there are players. once music starts you must travel in the directed direction around the wallballs (the parameter may change depending on the movement called out). Once the music stops you must find a chair! The person remaining standing is out, and MUST complete 15 burpees. The coach may call out ANY movement during the game:
– crab walk
– broad jump
– lunges
– bear crawl
– etc.

Handstand Walk
work on different progressions.

If you PR in your "steps" score them as Max Reps! and place your progression in the comment section.

Handstand Push-ups (ME sets)
completing NO MORE then 5 sets, find a Max Effort set. in the comments section put whether you were scaled, RX, or deficit, and what they were.

For Time:

10 – thrusters 105/75 RX+ 135/95
50 double-unders
8 – thrusters
40 double-unders
6 – thrusters
30 double-unders
4 – thrusters
20 double-unders
2 – thrusters
10 double-unders

CrossFit WOD, November 10, 2017


2rnds nft:

400m jog
8 – 1 arm kb swings (each arm)
6 – 1 arm kb squat clean (each arm)
4 – 1 arm kb thruster (each arm)

Clean and Jerk (*ascending)
find today’s 1rm!

For Time:

15 – bar over burpees
5 – clean and jerks 165/115 RX+ 205/155
12 – bar over burpees
4 – clean and jerks
9 – bar over burpees
3 – clean and jerks

CrossFit WOD, November 9, 2017


Coach’s Choice

10min mobility

On a 25-minute clock,
Run 1.5 miles
Then perform as many rounds as possible of:
11 chest-to-bar pull-ups
7 hang squat cleans, 155 lb.
7 push presses, 155 lb.
United States Army Capt. Benjamin David Tiffner, 31, of West Virginia, died Nov. 7, 2007, when his vehicle was struck by an improvised-explosive device in Baghdad, Iraq, while he was supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom.

In 1996, Tiffner was nominated by Senator Robert Byrd to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. He graduated from the Academy in 2000. After six years of service, Tiffner graduated from the Special Forces Qualification Course and was assigned to the 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne).

Tiffner’s mother, Judith, said her son always wanted to serve.

CrossFit WOD, November 8, 2017


3rnds nft:

20 – double unders
10 – 2-for-1 wallballs
10 – alt pistols (working on range and balance)

Dumbell Overhead Squat (*ascending )
complete 5 ascending sets of 5 DB OH squats with each arm. If you get to a weight where you no longer are comfortable ascending, stay at that weight and finish the remaining sets at that weight.

Bench Press (*ascending)
3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3

complete 5 sets of 3 reps ascending.

Double-Unders (ME sets)
complete NO MORE than 5 attampts at a Max Effort, and hopefully PR, set of unbroken double unders!

CrossFit WOD, November 7, 2017


8min ME EMOM:

20sec – work
40sec – rest

for 8 minutes rotate between the following for Max Effort sets:
– rowing for calories
– situps
– bike for calories
– air squats

Push Press (8min EMOM:)
for 8min complete:
30sec work
30sec rest

from the ground, complete as many push presses as possible within the 8 working sets. score is weight used and your total reps.

10min EMOM of:

3 – burpee box jump-overs 24/20"
3 – deadlifts 185/135 RX+ 225/155
6 – burpee box jump-overs
6 – deadlifts
9 – burpee box jump-overs
9 – deadlifts

*for scoring put in your last completed round plus your reps.

CrossFit WOD, November 6, 2017



600m run with plate 15/10#
16 – OH walking lunges
8 – plate burpees

Front Rack Lunge (*at same weight)
complete 5 sets of 8 front rack lunges at the same weight. weight should be challenging, but possible.

For Time:

50 – wallballs
1 mile run
50 – wallballs

CrossFit WOD, November 4, 2017


Hungry Hippos
For FUN!

Need: two equal teams and a pile wallballs, slam balls, plates… whatever ends up in a pile in the middle of the room.

Each team starts on opposite ends of the pile. Once the game begins everyone crab walks as fast as possible to the pile where they grab an item and place it in their lap. Once the item is in their lap, the athletes have to crab walk to ball back to their end line where they drop it off and cruise back to the middle to do it all over again. Scores are the total of pounds moved to each side by a team in the allotted time. The team with the most pounds moved in that time wins!

30min Partner AMRAP of:

30 – double unders
15 – KB swings
10 – thrusters 95/65#
200m run

Then, find a 1rm PARTNER deadlift. Log score in comment section.

*Partner 1 starts on the double unders; partner 2 starts on the run. As soon as partner 2 completes the run they must wait until partner 1 is finished all their reps before they start the double unders. At the end of 30mins work together to find a 1rm partner deadlift.

CrossFit WOD, November 3, 2017


2rnds nft:

200m run
10 – frog jumps
10 – lunging Samson stretches
10 – rotating fire hydrants (each leg)
10 – push ups

Run 800 meters with a 25-lb. plate
Then, 14 rounds of:
5 strict pull-ups
4 burpee box jumps, 24-in. box
3 cleans, 185 lb.
Then, run 800 meters with a 25-lb. plate
U.S. Navy Lt. J. Wesley “Wes” Van Dorn, 29, of Greensboro, North Carolina, died on Jan. 8, 2014, of injuries sustained in a helicopter crash off the coast of Virginia. He was a member of Helicopter Mine Countermeasures Squadron 14 at the Naval Air Station in Norfolk, Virginia.

Van Dorn was a well-rounded and skilled athlete. According to his friends, he "prided himself on his ability to lift huge weight with the big guys and run with the smaller ones.“

Van Dorn is survived by his wife, Nicole; sons, Jaxton and Maddox; parents, Mark and Susan; brother, Max; and sister, Cara.