7 X 1 Hang Snatch – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.


For time:

50 Double-Unders
30 HSPU (reg standard)
20 T2B
50 Double-Unders
15 T2B
50 Double-Unders
10 T2B


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Tom and Brett love wall ball! πŸ™‚


  1. Missy D: won the HBBS last night: I will post a video this afternoon:

    1: to point out a few issues
    2: she gave 110% and made the lift!

  2. Here it is: Missy 108 HBBS

    1: The First thing I see is here feet are not lined up right. The far foot is about 2 in forward.

    2: She hits rock bottom and bounces out nicely.

    3: ELBOWS! Her elbows need to track under the bar. As she gets tired they get pushed back and it is making her torso go forward.

    NOTE: On the HBBS your torso needs to stay as vertical as posible.

    Overall nice job!!

  3. Strength – 45#
    Conditioning – 12:45 – singles/box should/something similar to knees to elbow…

    It was a rough day in the gym for me. Argh.

  4. Power hand snatch to 135… Still trying to give my wrists chance to recover

    Wod – 19:04 rx

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