Happy Thanksgiving

2013 has been a big year for CrossFit 727. Dana and I have so much to be thankful for, but one of the things we are most blessed with is each one of you! We couldn’t be more thankful to have a box filled with amazing members, coaches and families. Speaking of coaches, I am especially thankful for Coach Jen, Coach Dana and Assistant Coach Rebekah. I joke about the fact that I am surrounded by women on my staff, but I would be lost without each one of you. Thanks for your continued commitment and amazing work at CrossFit 727. Also, I am extremely thankful for Tim, Pam and Greg because without them, there wouldn’t be a CrossFit 727. Thank you for believing in me and knowing that we could make our box something special.

Turns out you guys are thankful for quite a bit too by the looks of the board in the box. On that note, I hope all of you all have a great day with your family and friends and are ready to hit a good WOD with us on Saturday morning.

Coach Ryan

CrossFit 727 St. Petersburg
Our “what are you thankful for?” board is filled to the brim! Thank you to everyone who contributed.

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