We are pleased to bring you a very special opportunity to change your health and achieve your goals — with a nutrition Challenge!

This is a 30 day challenge that can bring you a firmer physique, better sleep, better performance, better recovery, increased energy levels, better moods, increased mental clarity, and the lessening of many chronic symptoms that you maybe never even considered might be connected to what you eat.

Coach Mike & Coach Madison will be leading the challenge and will be in the gym prior to the start of the challenge to go over the benefits of an whole-foods approach as well as the practical application of making it work in today’s busy culture. Whether you choose to compete in the Challenge or not, we encourage EVERYONE to attend these talks — especially if you are new to our CrossFit community. 

How it will work:

  • We will offer a kick-off meeting to help you prepare for the challenge
  • Sign-up on the whiteboard or contact Coach Mike
  • On Monday, 2/24, the challenge officially kicks off. You will need to get with a coach for measurements. Two time slots are below or can be arranged with Coach Mike or Madison.
  • The challenge is then officially in full swing and Coaches Mike & Madison is available daily for questions, ideas and more.
  • Measurements must be done by a coach at the start of the challenge. There are two time slots on Monday 2/24 or they can be arranged individually with a coach.

What’s included & costs:

  • Cost is $30 per person
  • A 30 minute Q& A session. This will lay the ground rules of the challenge and explain a high-level view of “why” & “how” we will be eating certain things within the Zone framework and avoiding others.
  • Handouts and resources at the presentation to choose the right foods, grocery shop, meal plan, and find the right  approach that will work best for you.
  • Daily Facebook support in a private group. Mike & Madison are available there to answer nutrition-related questions and help with ideas, support and encouragement daily. This is where you can share your food logs with coaches for feedback!

How do I win?

There will be measurements taken at the start and end of the challenge:

  • Weight
  • Body fat
  • Inches lost in waist

Who ever sees the most improvement in those three categories wins. There will be one 1 male and 1 female winner.

Important Dates:

  • Challenge Kick-off Events: Monday, 2/24
    • Option 1: 8:30 – 9:00 a.m.
    • Option 2: 5:00 – 5:30 p.m.  
    • Challenge overview, handout and review booklet, dos and donts, Q&As
  • 2/24: Official start
  • 3/27: Official end
    • Measurements can be taken by a coach any time during open gym hours