Trainer | Community Engagement Manager

Trainer Since: 2016


  • CF-L1
  • USAW L1

How did you get started with CrossFit? I flirted with CrossFit for some time prior to joining a gym after much encouragement from several friends. The competitive aspect really appealed to me and after experiencing the supportive group element I was hooked immediately. CrossFit has certainly helped fill the gaps left from moving on from team-based competition and provided an additional avenue to pursue my love of coaching.

What is your previous sport or exercise background? I played, and still do, any sport available to me, in Highschool I competed in football, track and wrestling. In college I played rugby and afterwards moved on to Olympic Weightlifting.

What is one fun fact about you? I’m actually a nerd, I’m told that is surprising based on my personality type. While my profession is in IT and I’m required to be detail oriented, I tend to get very into the weeds on just about anything of interest to me. Let’s talk about nutrition!

Favorite WOD: King Kong

Least Favorite WOD: Any run over 400m