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CrossFit L1 Certificate
CrossFit L2 Certificate
CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certificate
CrossFit Mobility Certificate
CrossFit Scaling Certificate
CrossFit Kids Certificate
United States Marine Corp (2002-2006)
Competitions: 2011 Chicago Life as Rxd Tour – 3rd Place, 2011 TNL Fitness Challenge – 3rd Place, 2011 Raid Games – 3rd Place, 2011 Iron Curtain – 6th Place

Ryan’s passion for fitness started at five years old with flag football.  He excelled in the sport throughout high school and played in the McDonald’s Lehigh Valley All-Star Football Classic.  Along with football, Ryan also participated in wrestling and track and field.

Ryan was a freshman in college at the time of the 9/11 attacks. A few days later, he withdrew himself and enlisted in the United States Marine Corps.  After boot camp in Parris Island, Ryan completed infantry school and was stationed with 3rd battalion 6th Marines Lima Company.  He is an OIF/OEF combat veteran and completed multiple tours in Afghanistan.  The lessons he learned in the Marines instilled valuable qualities in him such as discipline, hard work ethic, camaraderie, and dedication.  All of these qualities not only made him a great Marine, but also help to make him a great CrossFit trainer.

Ryan returned home and was quickly frustrated with his typical “body building” type repetitive workout.  He heard about CrossFit and after a tough WOD(workout), he was officially hooked!  CrossFit was, and still is (10 years later), everything Ryan could hope for, and not just in a workout routine, but in a lifestyle. So much has happened since he found CrossFit, and he is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience to help others.

Favorite WODs and Stats:

Snatch – 255#
Clean & Jerk – 300#
Bench – 330#
Push Press – 260#
Fran – 2:45
Fight Gone Bad – 420 reps
Filthy Fifty – 17:58
Consecutive double-unders – 232 reps

Contact Ryan:

Phone: 727-871-1542
Email: ryan@crossfit727.com