CrossFit 727’s trainers  have more than 5 years of experience helping hundreds of clients. They have the experience and expertise need to help you achieve your goals and become the fittest, best version of yourself. All of our classes are supervised by at least one trainer, who will show you how to safely and efficiently perform all of the movements in the daily WOD, help you scale the appropriately to meet your ability and level of fitness, and motivate you to perform at your highest level.


CrossFit 727 focuses on real-world fitness. We train people to move well and push themselves beyond what they think are their limits. What is great about CrossFit is that your results can be measured in a variety of ways (e.g. weight loss, WOD performance, body composition and so on). We take tracking these results seriously and have a variety of methods in place to help members realize what they are achieving each and every day they come into the box.


Training at CrossFit 727 is done in small group classes, supervised by a certified trainer. This group atmosphere creates a community of people who support each other, cheer for each other, and push each other to excel. It also creates accountability and a higher level of motivation, as each individual strives to excel not only for his or her own sake, but also for the sake of the other group members. The camaraderie, friendship, and community built in this environment is most members’ favorite part of CrossFit 727.


CrossFit, just like any other fitness program requires you to SHOW UP!  It is important to pick a location that is convenient to you. CrossFit 727 is conveniently located in the heart of downtown St. Petersburg. Learn more about our location.

Are all CrossFit boxes the same? Absolutely NOT!*

There’s no doubt CrossFit is finally entering the mainstream fitness world and we couldn’t be happier about this increased awareness and participation in CrossFit. It is important to keep in mind that all CrossFit gyms are independently owned and operated, mostly by individuals and small partnerships. All CrossFit affiliated gyms require at least one coach certified in the basic principles of CrossFit, but beyond that, each CrossFit gym is free to operate however it wishes. There is a lot of variety out there!

We encourage everyone to try out a few boxes before making their decision, which is why we offer a FREE WOD every Saturday for anyone interested. When you are visiting and just browsing the web, here are a few good questions to consider:

  • Does the energy and atmosphere suit you?
  • Does it look like a fun place that you will look forward to coming to on a regular basis?
  • Are the coaches biased toward a single facet of fitness or are they dedicated to well-rounded fitness?
  • Do the coaches ask you questions about your goals and how you are feeling or do they only talk about their beliefs and preferences?
  • Do the coaches have at least 3 years or more of CrossFit experience, or are they relatively new to CrossFit and still trying out new strategies on you for the first time? (This is important! Don’t be afraid to ask.)
  •  Do the coaches only have the bare minimum qualification (a Level 1 CrossFit Certification) or are they certified by various specialties of fitness?
  • Do the coaches have a variety of certifications, but very few years of actual experience?
  • Do the coaches give you the support you deserve to reach your goals, or are they just running you through the movements and counting your reps?

We want the CrossFit community to grow and we want our members to be content knowing they have chosen the CrossFit gym that is the best fit for them after considering their alternatives.  Most importantly, we want to ensure that each CrossFitter’s experience meets their expectations of putting them on the path for improved fitness.  In your search for the right CrossFit box, come see us, try us on for size and ask us everything you need to know to make the right decision.

*content adapted from CrossFit Active Performance