Soooooooo, we’ve all been there. We see someone on our left, or right, or in a magazine, or at a competition and we think: “GOSH, I wish!!!!” Here’s the deal, I’m going to talk to you not only as your coach, but also as an athlete that struggles the same way you do.

When I walked into my FIRST CrossFit class ever, I was struck head-on and blindsided by the WORST possible FIRST WOD in history, Open WOD 12.1 – a 7min AMRAP of target burpees. To this day I’m not sure why I went back for more. I can still remember looking to my left and seeing an amazing athlete (who now just so happens to be one of my best friends) attack these burpees while receiving praises from the coach.  I thought to myself, “I will NEVER move like she does!”  I can still remember my total rep count: a whole whopping 34 reps.  Fast tracking a year or so later I redid the same workout and completed 133 reps. (But please don’t ask me to prove that number to you at ANY point!)

But you know what?  I’ve learned a lot about life through CrossFit… and burpees. I know you may thing I am crazy saing this, but you can do burpees efficiently with some practice. Did you know if you widen your stance when you jump up off the floor you’re shortening your range of motion? How about if you kick your feet back as you’re “falling” to the floor you’ll get there faster? Or like if you “bounce” your chest off the floor you rebound? Heck I could go all day about burpees… Like: burpee box jumps, bar facing burpees, lateral burpees over bar, burpee pull-ups, burpee bar muscle ups, target burpees… OK, OK, enough coaching tips!! The real point is that until you do enough “burpees” you really have no feel, or body awareness as to how to make them efficient, and actually “feel good”.  Again, I apologize, whom am I kidding, burpees NEVER “feel good”. But what I’m REALLY talking about is letting go of the things (possibly in life) that don’t “feel good” but working on making those things, like burpees, more manageable, fluid, and/or efficient – and this is where I want to take you to my topic of consistency.

To be consistent and proficient IN ANYTHING, takes time, practice, reps, and reps with constant variations.  To be consistent one needs to be “unchanging in (an) achievement over a period of time” – Oxford Dictionary. And that’s just it, it does NOT matter whether it’s daily life drama, problems at work, dealing with issues with your kids, that hyped diet you’re on, or doing stupid burpees… the more consistent I am, the less chances I have in a varying outcome, and this TAKES TIME!

Now, let’s talk to you from a coach’s perspective… I LOVE YOU ALL!! And you are ALL a pain in my butt some days, but I wouldn’t change it for the world! The reason being, I AM JUST LIKE YOU!! I get frustrated! Some days I really don’t get why I’m not functioning the way I did last week, last year, or whatever… One of my recent tag lines is: #iustacould… as in I used to be able to do something.  But there’s no blame in it, life consistently evolves. The fact is, if I don’t put the time into something, I won’t get the results I wish to have. My job as your coach is to help you be accountable for the goals you are setting… achievable goals! My job is to encourage you! Allowing you to see the BEST you have within you, while working out the kinks one at a time. With every little progression you make, I am rejoicing alongside you – IT JUST TAKES TIME AND CONSISTENCY!!! That, AND, someone who believes in you! And myself and the rest of the CF 727 coaching staff believe in YOU!

Just remember ONE thing though: to build anything of substance you need a solid, firm foundation (as well as a good architect) and if you start at the bottom and “consistently” work your way up, you WILL have what you are looking for. And soon enough you won’t be the one looking side to side, and at the people around you… YOU will be the one being looked at, and up to!  I really am proud of ALL my athletes and everything I have seen them achieve!! And even though I work weird and long hours, I honestly wouldn’t do it if I didn’t truly love all of you, see your worth, and have a desire to walk step by step beside you as you continue to grow and achieve!

Here is a great video with someone else’s story for extra motivation!

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