Our affiliate naming journey…and it was quite a journey…trust us!

When we set out to start up what is now CrossFit 727, we thought the affiliate name was going to be
the easiest part of our whole venture. We had done a few Google searches and couldn’t find anyone
with the name “CrossFit Fidelis.” With Ryan’s Marine background and our “faithfulness” to CrossFit, we
thought it was perfect! We had great plans for an eagle mural in the box itself and really wanted one
the logo, to go with the Marines theme and all. We even thought up a perfect tagline. We submitted the
application for the affiliation and thought we were good to go.

A few weeks later the good…and bad news came. Affiliation – approved. Affiliation name – rejected
(already taken). How could someone take our perfect name? Why couldn’t we find them through
Google? Doesn’t Google find everything? UGH! We were both distraught…back to the drawing board.
This was the beginning of a LONG couple weeks. After submitting AT LEAST twenty (…that’s right 20)
names and all of them being rejected for various reasons, we were beginning to lose hope. Some

CrossFit ‘Burg
Crossfit Nitor
CrossFit Forza
CrossFit Regimen

Way back when we submitted our first list we considered “CrossFit 727.” Is it too generic? Does it have
any special meaning to us? After being rejected so many times, we thought…why not. CrossFit 727 –
submitted! Please be approved, please be approved! Well, the rest is history!

Our official logo. Sleek and clean, even with an eagle included.
Our official logo. Sleek and clean, even with an eagle included.

After the dust settled, we talked with our designer about some logo ideas. We wanted a logo that was
sleek, sophisticated and modern…something that would work with the vibe in downtown St. Petersburg,
since by this time we had already found our location. He knew about the eagle idea from our first name
and thought it could also work for “CrossFit 727.” Boy, was he right. Ryan was pumped…he got his eagle!
As we marveled at our new logo and thought back on the whole experience we said, “Why didn’t we just
submit this name in the first place? We were totally over thinking everything. THIS is the perfect name
for us.” You may be thinking, “why the change of heart?” Well…

727 represents the city of St. Petersburg, since it is the city’s area code. St. Petersburg is the city where we
turned our lives around. The city where we discovered CrossFit. The city where we got married. The
city where we bought our first house. The city where we have made the most dearest friends (though
some have since moved to Denver…not mentioning any names or anything). The city where we started
building our healthy lives through CrossFit. The city where now we hope to change peoples’ lives.

Strength and fitness through community. CrossFit 727.