We all have them. Some are small, some are larger, some have purple hues, some are permanent indentations; but no matter what shape, size, or color, we all brag on our CrossFit scars.  Our scars bring back memories: some good, some funny, some bring fears. But whatever the scar, they are the memories of our wounds – the product of our fitness journeys.

Box Jumps

For some, a box jump is easy-peasy; while for others jumping onto anything higher than 2 inches is a complete mind F*! Box jumps however, are a good way to measure: explosive power, stability in the landing, flexibility within the landing, body awareness during movement in space, and the biggest one: confidence.  Because once you’ve bit the dust on a box jump it gets to you – it gets in your head. Taking your shin and having the box edge peel away the meat of your shin, or both, leaving only the white traumatized flesh to regain blood flow as your body starts coming back from its state of shock… Yes, I get it – been there. Box jumps can be the most feared activity within our sport, leaving us scared both physically and mentally.


As non-threatening as sit-ups are; if I say, “Ok, class, today we’re doing Annie!”, I know for a fact, your thoughts will be on how painful your shower will end up being later that day.  Ass raspberries, as some of us call them, are inte  nse and take more than a few days to heal.  Reminding us every time we sit down of “all that fitness” we gained while rubbing a sore onto our ass.  Ok, so there’s not much to say, because we all know that an ass raspberry is just the result of fiction between our tailbone (area) and the floor.  There are a ton of little tricks such as: exact placement of an AB Mat, a special “sit-up” AB Mat, folded yoga mats, taping “that area”, and some hard-core people I know swear by using Vaseline or a thick layer of chap stick to prevent ass rash. But no matter what you do, just know that you’re just “band aiding” a larger issue.  You’re giving yourself a crutch for relaxed abdominals and a curved spine.

Ok, so let’s talk here; a box jump I tells me a lot more about you than you may think. I can literary see everything: your approach – I see your confidence, or lack of; your stance/setup – how powerful your potential jump can be; your launch – your mechanics in motion; your landing – your flexibility as well as your stability. And surprisingly, your entire movement within a box jump translates into, and from, all your other movements.  The sit-up, being a single modality movement normally completed in a higher rep scheme, will tell me where you start falling apart. Where you start “gasing” out and loosing posture.

All this to say, as I watch you move, I learn about YOU.  I see your strengths and your weaknesses. Now hear me out, by seeing your weaknesses, I KNOW you are capable of MORE! Because it’s my job to take those weaknesses and turn them into strengths, and for me to do that I need to: see, assess, tweak, see, assess, and tweak again. And it’s during those “tweaking” times that we push from where we were, and focus on being better – pushing that improvement wall a little farther ahead.  Our journey is a story, a story about us.  About how we got from where we started. Our wounds and scars are just the visual reminders of our journeys: about where we are, where we were, and hopefully they are reminders of where we are going.





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