All right, so the Holidays are over. We now have guilty consciences, and are all wanting to work off all the extra pumpkin pie and whipped cream. So, we come to the gym with great
expectations, but then what… Why? What’s our focus? All I want to do is… How do we… the questions start to come. STOP. Just STOP! Breath. Our main goal, every one of us, is to become better. Not just better than Suzy or Bob, but better “us’s”. We have a primal desire to BE BETTER: to function better, feel better, to live better lives. “Ok great… get to your point”. My point: to be BETTER you must BE better. Yes, that is rhetorical, but hear me out… Anything of quality has had deliberate attention to detail. The more attention that item, that “thing”, receives the better the quality becomes.

Point 1 – Foundation

The “groundwork” of your movement – your stance. Your stance sets the tone for your overall posture. It needs to be solid. If your skeleton is your framework, you need to know how to put yourself into a
position that is setup for success.

Point 2 – Posture

When someone looks at you do they see someone who is confident? Shoulders back, feet planted, chin up… don’t forget to smile! OR, do they see someone who is unsure, overthinking, and intimidated? **Secret time: IF YOU HAVE ANY DOUBT when it comes to making a lift, you WILL NOT make that lift! However, you can be as confident as hell, but with bad/poor posture, you will be compromised. Poor posture = increased injury rate.


Point 3 – Range of Motion

Sorry to say, but this is a pet peeve of mine. I could care less if you’re “below parallel”. If your movement isn’t good, I DON’T want you there! Take a step back. Breath. Reset. Try Again. If our end goal is to be BETTER, then we need to focus on our posture BEING better. To BE better takes repetition – doing it over, and over, and over, until your movements become natural. As your coach, it’s my job to ensure that you have EVERY tool you need to move better. Remember, CrossFit isn’t all about barbells and gymnastics andelevated heart rates. CrossFit is about BEING a better you! It’s about learning how to move in ways that are powerful and efficient, and safe!! CrossFit teaches us overall body mechanics and how to control our bodies when pushed to different levels of fatigue: muscular, anaerobic, and mental fatigue as well. CrossFit teaches us about us.


Point 4 – Our Competitive Self

This is the part where rubber meets the road. It’s taking everything you’ve learned and applying it. It’s about taking your stronger, faster, more this, more that self and BEING it… being BETTER than you were the day before. BUT in the life of CrossFit, this is 2fold! Yes, it’s you against you: a better Fran time, a heavier deadlift or squat… BUT NOW, you’re focus shifts. You start to focus on Suzy or Bob. Did they seriously get one more
rep than you? Oooor did they finish 10secs faster?! “SHIT!” Now what??? Not sure if you heard me, but to “leave your ego at the door” is hard as all get out!! Now here’s my coaches thought process: if I have done my job and I have prepared you for “battle”, then by all means “3-2-1 GO!”

So, big picture: I want to BE better. I want to BE better than I was yesterday. I want to BE better than Suzy AND Bob. And guess what I WILL! But to do that, I need to first take a step back and embrace my weaknesses. From there I put in work. I put in time. I put in effort. I analyze my movements, my postures, my efforts. I take into consideration how I’ve sleptb the night before, how much fuel I’m working off, or if I’m distracted from something that happened earlier that day. All these are factors in our performance. And to be honest, it’s OK to have bad days… that’s life… hell, shitty days can turn into shitty weeks… I get that. BUT this is BIG picture time, it is OVERCOMING and EMBRACING our weaknesses, whatever they may be, that will in turn make us stronger… make us BETTER! Ok, I’m done with the pep talk.

Real talk: To have anything of “Quality” it takes effort; it takes attention to detail; it takes self-analysis; it takes turning the “shitty” things into things that we are proud of. So, hear me out… focus on YOUR quality, focus on being a better YOU, and because there is only one of you, become the BEST you that you can be. BE “quality”.

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