Why do you CrossFit? For me, I always say it’s because of the community. I could hire a personal trainer and get just as good of a workout, but people don’t talk at gyms like that except to ask “are you using this?” It’s the people that keep me coming back, even on days I don’t want to.

We live in a world that is more connected than ever. Who remembers AIM, AOL Instant Messenger? It was a time before we were so digitally connected and tethered to our phones. We used away messages to let our those on our buddy list to know that we couldn’t respond to their instant message. They just retired AIM last week, which has made me nostalgic for it. For being so connected, as a society, we’ve never been so disconnected and, at times, lonely.

The ability to come into the gym and sweat together, share together and come together leads to real connections. Connections that I see go well beyond the wall of the gym. How many birthdays, holidays or milestones have you celebrated with your gym mates?

Everyone wants to be a part of something bigger than all of us, right? And being part of a gym that is open and accepting, where you see people stay and hang out after the workout, without rushing off, doesn’t exist at every box. Being part of a community has some very real benefits, namely accountability and borrowed motivation.

  • Accountability – we’ve all texted that friend to see if they were going to class; and I’ve received those texts too. Sometimes you help someone to be accountability and sometimes you need that little extra motivation.
  • Motivation – Speaking of motivation, we all have those days where we’re tired or mentally checked out and all we have to do is look around and be inspired!

We’re a tribe (or a “cult” if you’re outside the CrossFit world) because the interest and investment in each other extends beyond our WODify score. So why do you CossFit?