This post is 2nd in a series where we would like to address some common “myths” or misconceptions about CrossFit. If you have any you would like us to address, please comment below!

Here is another old favorite of ours. Going to sound like our grandfathers for a second and say… “if we had a quarter for every time we heard that…we would be able to quit our day jobs.”

All joking aside, the statement above simply isn’t true for CrossFit 727. Let’s break down why.

Firstly, at our box we firmly believe in a progression approach of mechanics, consistency, intensity. See the diagram below. Because each and every class is coached by an experienced trainer who is devoted to your well-being,  they will determine when members can progress to each stage. For example, if a new person comes into a 1 hour intro class, we are not going to have them do 21-15-9 reps of heavy dead lifts and handstand push ups, regardless of what their fitness background is.  Instead, we will break down the mechanics of a few key movements and frame them up in a WOD (e.g. air squats and medicine ball cleans). When they decide to join (because who wouldn’t), we will keep them in the mechanics stage until they demonstrate consistency in the movement. If a coach determines that the consistency piece still isn’t there during a WOD, they may say something like, “drop down in weight and…[insert proper mechanic cue here].”


Now, you may be wondering, if the intensity piece comes last, “how will I loose weight or hit PRs?” Trust us, even though you won’t be at a super high intensity level, you will still be working hard. In other words, we won’t let you get off the hook that easy. 🙂 The WODs will still be challenging, but not “too intense” that your form/mechanics are compromised.

For the injury piece, we aren’t going to sugar coat the fact that people get injured in sports all the time and CrossFit isn’t any different.  Injury prevention deserves a post in its own right but, in short, injury prevention responsibility also falls on the individual athlete (it’s not just a matter of the CrossFit program or coaching). However, what IS our responsibility is to stick to the progression coaching, which we whole-heartily believe will prevent injuries as much as possible.

Learn more about our trainers experiences and contact them if you have specific questions.

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