Friday WOD

Run 400m

Foam Roll
– Calves
– Hamstrings

2 Rounds:
– 10 Banded Good Mornings
– 10 Sit-Ups
– 10 Yoga Push Ups
– 25 Jumping Jacks (clap overhead at top and clap behind at bottom)

L-Sit (3xME)
3 attempts to establish max effort L Sit – scored in seconds

Take 2 min rest between attempts

Scaling – knee raise hold, single leg extension L Sit

5 rounds for time of:
1 sub-0:45 250-m row
50 unbroken double-unders

If the row takes longer than 45 seconds, or if you trip up on your double-unders, redo it before moving back to the other exercise.


If you’re unfamiliar with row pacing or a sub-0:45 time is unrealistic, row 250 meters at max effort to warm-up, then add a few seconds to that to create your target time for the workout. This workout forces you to row at a near-maximum effort or it won’t count and you’ll have to repeat the work. Athletes who struggle with double-unders might want to switch to unbroken HIGH JUMP single-unders or reduce the number of double-unders each round.