CrossFit Group Classes

Every day there is a new workout to challenge several of the characteristics discussed on our "What is CrossFit?" page. These constantly varied workouts, in addition to keeping things fun and interesting, ensure that no aspect of your athleticism isn’t challenged. All of these workouts can be scaled to accommodate any level of fitness, age or physical limitations.

CrossFit classes last an hour and start promptly when scheduled. Unlike a typical gym where you do your own thing, each CrossFit class is coached by a certified trainer so you will get the personal attention you need to ensure success and safety. The classes will involve a complete warm-up, skill practice, the primary workout, and a cool-down/stretch-down session. Every session will encompass your full body, and we balance the workouts to include strength and conditioning elements. Schedule a FREE intro workout today and come in to discuss which membership option is right for you. Already found an option? Sign-up now.

Visit our Rates page for all of our membership options and pricing.

Visiting CrossFitters

Are you visiting beautiful St. Petersburg and are already a member of another box? We would love to have you join us as CrossFit 727 and have two options for you:

  • 1 session drop in | $20
  • 1 week of unlimited classes | $50.

If you are an affiliate owner, bring us one of your box’s t-shirts and you can work out FREE for an entire week.

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