With the excitement from the grand opening winding down, we thought it would be a good time to thank everyone who helped us get CrossFit 727 started and express our gratitude. Without each of these people, CrossFit 727 wouldn’t exist.

Biggest thanks to Tim Bourne, our business partner, WOD partner, masters competitor, supporter and his wife Pam. Tim and Pam provided endless support and encouragement to get CrossFit 727 moving, even through the 20+ name approval process. They have always had faith in us and are an integral part of our community. Also, a big thanks to their son Greg Bulleit, who helped with everything from the space build out to lease negotiations, even with the new addition to his family in the middle of everything.

Huge thanks to Jennifer Waite for joining our team at the very beginning! She adds value in so many ways and our training staff wouldn’t be complete without her. We are thankful for everything she does, from her awesome warm-ups to her never ending encouragement and motivational words during WODs.

It wouldn’t be a proper “thank you post” if we didn’t thank our parents, Michelle Carlin0 (Dana’s Mom), Mariano and Monica Vazquez (Ryan’s parents). Thank you for raising us with entrepreneurial spirits and always telling us that we could achieve our dreams if we worked hard and didn’t give up.

Last but certainly not least, to the wonderful members, and our friends, of CrossFit 727,  thank you for your ongoing support and encouragement.  You are the reason we strive to make CrossFit 727 better and better each and every day. Your continued dedication, determination, work ethic, heart and attitude is what fulfills us. In short, you all are the reason we LOVE our jobs. Thank you! Thank you!

We can’t wait to see where we are this time next year!

CrossFit 727 – Strength & Fitness Through Community!

– Ryan and Dana

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