This year we will be going back to a team format like previous years. Each team will have a captain and at the end of the Open there will be bragging rights for the winning team…and maybe another special surprise! Each year, the Open challenges us in ways we couldn’t imagine. It is a good way to push your limits and test your fitness but, most importantly, have fun!

How Will It Be Scored?

Each week, once all athletes submits their scores on the official CrossFit Open site, we will be tallying everything and having a leaderboard printed and posted on social media each week. Each an every athlete on a team will play a big role in standings each week.

How Are Teams Picked?

  • 3 teams will be randomly selected by a draw out of a hat!
  • The 3 teams that are selected will be the same for the full 5 weeks.
  • Each team will have a captain. This year’s captains will be:
    • Laura Slingerland
    • Christie O’Brien
    • Madison Davis

When Can I Do the WODS?

All class times and Open gym on Fridays will be programmed for the Open WOD. Class times will be Open work outs only, so you might as well sign up! If you miss a Friday, you can find a fellow athlete to judge you on Saturday or Monday.

How Do I Sign Up?

When Is the Deadline?

  • Teams will be picked Friday, October 4th. So make sure you are signed-up by then!

Open Related Events & Important Dates


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