Each year, the Open challenges us in ways we couldn’t imagine. It is a good way to push your limits and test your fitness but, most importantly, have fun! This year we will be sticking to our team format like previous years. Each team will be lead by our coaches and at the end of the Open there will be bragging rights for the winning team…and maybe another special surprise!

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How Will It Be Scored?

Each week, once all athletes submits their scores on the official CrossFit Open site, we will be tallying everything and having a leaderboard printed and posted on social media each week. Each an every athlete on a team will play a big role in standings each week. Below is a point breakdown:

  • Doing WOD RX = 1 point
  • Placing RX: 1st place = 10 points and down from there
  • Placing Scaled = 3 points and down from there
  • Judging someone = 1 point
  • Spirit of the open (1 person each week) = 5 points

How Are Teams Picked?

  • 2 teams will be randomly selected by a draw out of a hat!
  • The 2 teams that are selected will be the same for the full 3 weeks.
  • Each team will have a coach captain.

When Can I Do the WODS?

The Open WODs will be held on Saturday mornings. See the below outline for how it will work and what to expect.

  • Heats will begin at 8am and conclude when completed based on registrations
  • Even if you don’t sign-up for the Open but want to work out on a Saturday, you will need to register for a heat in WODify.
  • Heats will be first come first served and will be capped based on the workout posted
  • Pending on how the workouts are structured, there will be a set number of WOD review times per a number of heats. THIS WILL VARY PER WEEK, so pay attention to WODify. For example
    • Week 1, 23.1
      • WOD Review for Heats 1-5 at 8am, WOD Review for Heats 6-10 at 8:45 am,Etc.

How Do I Sign Up?

When Is the Deadline?

  • Sign-up by Saturday, February 11th to join one of our teams!

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