Now that we have been open for over a month, we thought it was the perfect time to write a post about WOD/benchmark tracking and goal setting. Further more, next week well be a test week, which is the perfect time to track some classic benchmark WODs (e.g. Isabel). So here it goes.

Tracking WODs & Benchmarks


You have probably noticed that A LOT of our strength work often consists of percentages of one-rep maxes. For example, today’s strength portion of the WOD is 80% of your 1 rep-max snatch. To date, many of you have been trying to simply get a handle of the movement, but all of us really need to be following these percentages. They are important. This is where the “tracking” part comes in. Even though you think you will remember what all of your lift numbers are, you won’t. We guarantee it. Whether it is 6 AM and you just had your coffee or its 7:30 PM and you just got off a long day at work, it is impossible to remember every lift, every weight. You may be thinking, “OK, coach. What is the best way I can keep track of all this?” Here is a quick list of some options.


1. Get a simple composition notebook and pen…the old fashioned method. Bring it to class every day.

2. Get a fancier more CrossFit targeted version from We are actually going to do a group order of these, so sign-up on the board at the gym if you are interested. Bring it to class every day.

3. Find a CrossFit app for your phone. Some members have used “MyWOD” and think it great.

Post on Our Website

We also encourage you to post on our website for the daily WOD in the comments section. This helps build our community and allows members see what other folks are doing. For example, if you come in at the 6 AM class, it is nice for you to be able to check the website throughout the day to see how others are doing and comment.

Goal Setting

The physical aspects of CrossFit are obvious: you have to learn how to squat, press and deadlift. But there’s far more to CrossFit than barbells and box jumps. The mental aspect of high-intensity fitness is incredibly important, and weakness in the brain and heart of an athlete will cause just as much trouble as weakness in the posterior chain and core. To work on our brains and hearts, we must set goals.

We believe that CrossFit goals must be specific, they must be stated in the positive sense, they must include a time frame, and they must provide motivation, inspiration and direction. Stew on these characteristics of goals a bit and let us know what yours are. We even added a goals board at the box where you can post them. This helps us keep track of you and what you want to get out of your CrossFit journey. Communicate them with your coaches so that they can help you achieve them. That is what they are here for and are passionate about.

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