The time has almost come, we are only 1 day away from officially opening, whoa! When we made the decision to embark on this venture back in February, we had no idea how amazing this feeling would be! We are excited, a little bit nervous, blessed and amazed at how much progress we have made already! We know things aren’t going to always be easy, but we do know that we have the most supportive and hard-working group of people surrounding us to help.

We have already been opened for the past week with an open gym time for our pre-opening members. The energy and camradarie has already been great and we can’t wait to see the community grow! Our regular schedule will start Wednesday, May 1st!

Important things to know:

  • We will be open during all class times starting May 1st! If you are new to CrossFit and would like to join us, you can first attend our FREE Saturday Intro Class. Sign-up now!
  • Parking is FREE during all but the noon and 30 minutes during the 5:30 PM class times during the week. Weekends are always FREE.
  • There is FREE parking 24/7 on 1st Ave. N. from 5th Street up.
  • Our current entrance is off of 5th Street. To enter the box, you can either go down using the elevators or the stairs. The main doors should always be open during our scheduled WODs, but you can contact Ryan at 727-871-1542 if you have any issues.
  • Our pre-opening special is available until May 15th! $115 for an unlimted membership, $220 for couples unlimited.

Last week in photos

Coach Tripp approves of our weight storage racks. He has completed his inspection of the gear and says we are good to go!
Our first intro class was held on Saturday. Welcome Ryan, Brett and Mike!
Couples that CrossFit together, stay together! 🙂
We held a pre-opening member WOD on Saturday, 4/20. Ryan created a special hero WOD called “Boston Strong.”

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