Because we are a new CrossFit box and have quite a few new members, we thought it would be good to provide everyone a quick reference guide to all those crazy abbreviations and acronyms. Our personal favorite is the 2nd one on the list! 🙂 Enjoy!

CF = CrossFit

CF 727 = Best CrossFit box in Pinellas, CrossFit 727

WOD = workout of the day

AMRAP = as many reps as possible

Rx = the weight or workout as prescribed, without any adjustments

MetCon = metabolic conditioning workout

Chipper = a workout with many different exercises, where you chip away at one at a time before moving on to the next exercise/movement.

PR = personal record

BS = back squat

BW = body weight

HSPU = hand stand push up

PP = push press

SP = shoulder press

PU = pull up

DL = deadlift

KB = kettlebell

DB = dumbbell

SN = snatch

SQ = squat

SDHP = sumo deadlift high pull

OHS = overhead squat

C&J = clean and jerk

FS = front squat

K2E/KTE = knees to elbow

T2B = toes to bar

TGU = turkish get-up

MU = muscle up

GHD = glute hamstring developer. Sit-ups, back extensions and hip extensions are done on this machine.

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